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The Fabric of Care: Women’s Work and the Politics of Livelihood in Socialist China
Yige Dong (East Asia Program, Cornell University, 2023-05-08)
Based on the speaker’s book-in-progress, this lecture examines how the way of doing care—performing paid and unpaid reproductive labor that maintains our daily life and attends to people who are in need—has changed among Chinese workers during the rise and fall of industrial socialism. Drawing on archival data, oral histories, and participatory observation in a textile mill town in central China, this research compares three generations of manufacturing workers’ experience of doing care, with a focus on the realm of childcare and domestic labor, and explains why care work had changed from unpaid “women’s work” in the household to a core constituent of labor welfare during socialist industrialization, and then has been removed from welfare provisions in recent decades. Shifting the analytical focus from the sphere of production to that of social reproduction, this study offers a reinterpretation of Chinese socialism and highlights the indispensable role of gender in understanding political economy. Prof. Dong’s primary research interest lies at the intersection of political economy, social inequality, and social change. Currently, she is working on a book project, The Fabric of Care: Women’s Work and the Politics of Livelihood in Industrial China, which examines the changing politics of care in China’s industrial sector in the past century. Prof. Dong has been awarded the Luce/ACLS Early Career Fellowship in China Studies (2021-2022).
Component production per cow per day: Ranges and selected measures
Koval, Lainey; Karszes, Jason (PRO-DAIRY, 2024-04)
Milk component yield has become a key management focus for dairy farms over the last two decades. The combination of the impact that components have on milk pricing and two-tier milk pricing programs have been driving this focus. Using data from the Dairy Profit Monitor for the period of August 2022 to September 2023, herd performance metrics over 12-months from 110 farms were used to create five performance groups with 22 farms in each quintile. The pounds of components per cow per day were used to sort herd performance measures, with the highest quintile of data being the highest component herds.
Yidi Xu (2024)
This project scrutinizes the accessibility of delivery services in Tompkins County, with particular focus on access by older adults and senior housing communities. Attention is given to pharmacies and grocery stores as a means of address access, especially in communities which lack grocery stores or pharmacies. Investigating the spatial dimensions of service accessibility, the research delves into how the geographic location of senior housing is related to access to grocery and pharmacy delivery options. The study's intent is twofold: to examine the alignment of grocery and pharmacy delivery services with senior needs and to uncover gaps where older adults may be marginalized. Employing a combination of geospatial analysis and connecting stakeholders, the project maps out the current delivery service landscape. The practical implications of this research are direct and manifold. By pinpointing the delivery service shortcomings for older adults, the study will provide actionable insights for local governments, urban planners, and businesses to implement targeted improvements. The project's findings aim to not only foster enhanced service delivery but also contribute to the discourse on age-friendly communities. This project contributes a foundational piece in the strategic planning that aspires to an inclusive future, where the quality of life for older adults is augmented through accessible and equitable service provision.