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    Hernandez-Aguilera, Juan Nicolas (2018-08-30)
    Coffee offers a unique opportunity to promote sustainability as this production system integrates economic development, social inclusion, and environmental protection. The first chapter of this dissertation assesses the ...
  • Three Essays on Agriculture, the Environment, and Peer Networks in Western Kenya 

    Murphy, David M. A. (2018-08-30)
    This dissertation investigates selected issues related to rural poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and evaluates whether information - such as that regarding a farmer's soil nutrient levels or agroforestry practices - can provide ...
  • Essays on Factor Mobility and Economic Outcomes 

    Firsin, Oleg (2018-08-30)
    This dissertation studies economic consequences of factor mobility in three different contexts. The first chapter deepens understanding of the effect of immigration on native wages in a setting where offshoring also takes ...
  • Statistical Learning Applications in Development Economics 

    McBride, Linden (2018-08-30)
    The focus of this dissertation is the application of statistical learning and computational thinking to stubborn problems in development economics and welfare dynamics including the problems of poverty targeting, the ...
  • Essays on Conservation Auctions and Uncertainty in Preferences 

    Otto, Steven (2018-08-30)
    This dissertation includes two chapters. The first presents a new auction mechanism designed for conservation programs. Individuals compensated for conserving their land often extract substantial profits from the government ...

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