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dc.contributor.authorRossi, Frank
dc.description.abstractThis text focuses on reducing environmental stressors on grass plants as the key to a lush, beautiful, and thriving lawn. This bulletin teaches how grass grows and why lawns matter, and suggests ways to reduce stress. Following the steps in this bulletin can cause the home lawn to grow stronger, and be more resistant to weeds, insects and diseases. Lawn Care without Pesticides begins with a 7-step, first-year plan. The publication covers how grass grows, best mowing, watering & fertilizing practices, how to repair small bare spots, renovating and establishing lawns, choosing lawn grasses, relieving thatch, coping with shade, and dealing with salt damage. During the first-year this bulletin teaches the user to gather information about the lawn: Test the soil, observe soil conditions, watch the sun, and note high-traffic areas. This publication has helpful diagrams and tables throughout.en_US
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dc.publisherCornell Cooperative Extensionen_US
dc.titleLawn Care Without Pesticidesen_US

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